Substance Abuse among Displaced Peoples

The psychological stress of displacement, resettlement, and/or achieving refugee status are many and can be severe. Stressors such as disadvantage, trauma, loss, and adjustment to a new place are very powerful and substance abuse is often a coping mechanism.[1] Alcoholism can be found in the Karen communities both in their native regions, Thailand and Burma, and the abroad. The massive amount of displacement, war crimes, and resettlement that the Karen have undergone tells a story much difficulty loss of a sense of identity[2].

The village is home to many Karen. There are two Christian churches in the village as well as a Buddhist Temple. There education in the town consists of a Thai school and the Noh Bo Academy which is a secondary school focused on the education of migrant children.[3]

The following sources contain significant information regarding the subject of substance abuse among refugees and displaced people.

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[1] Ehklo moo (Karen musician) in discussion with author, June 2016.